Investigation on MDF market demand in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



The medium density fiberboard (MDF) market demand was investigated during the years from 2004 to 2013 in Iran. Estimation of MDF demand was made by exponential smoothing method by the year 2018. The insight into the level of demand that might exist by the year 2013 was obtained by reviewing the production, import, export, and consumption of MDF on the Iran. The results show that the consumption of MDF has been risen by 4.7 times since 2004. The estimated demand for MDF in Iran shows that the total MDF demand will reach more than 1642000 m3 in the year 2018, which increases by 42% in comparison with that in 2013. By now, 61% of domestic MDF in Iran still relies on import while economic sanction effect on import ratio and business competitiveness among MDF manufactures in Iran especially in 2013. The estimated consumption of MDF in future provides a base for expanding the present demand in terms of its present level in Iran. According to our results, to encourage the continued development, the Iran MDF industries require a forestry program providing the raw material needed.